Food Science

The Case for GMOs

People nowadays frantically search grocery store foods for the Non-GMO label, yet do not realize that all of the common foods they eat were most likely once genetically altered in some day. There seems to be a stigma against genetically modified organisms, yet many plants and foods have been greatly improved through biotechnology.

One common example is corn, which once contained inedible hard kernels. However, throughout the years it has been drastically modified and has become the modern corn that is a staple in much of the world’s diets. Corn is not the only plant that has been artificially altered in the past, and many of the world’s fruit and vegetables as we known them would  not be the same if they had not been once genetically modified.

Many people who are against genetically modified organisms claim that inserting genes from one organism to another is unnatural, however research has showed that the mixing of genes between organisms is completely natural. Many species partake in horizontal gene transfer, including plants, animals and fungi. Gametes of certain species are exposed and typically congregate in close areas. If damaged sperm or egg cells are exposed to gametes of another species, they could have traded DNA through broken membranes before fertilization.

Therefore, the claim that the use of GMOs is wrong as mixing of genes from one species to another is unnatural is invalid. Eukaryotes and bacteria have been transferring their genes by themselves for years to increase fitness, so why shouldn’t humans find ways to create more fit organisms through gene transfer?


One thought on “The Case for GMOs

  1. I love reading articles about GMOs because I myself see many positives and a few negatives in the process. I do find it interesting, however, that the world of science is moving towards the acceptance of GMOs while the general public seems to be moving the opposite way.


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